Back to School

Thankfully the pesky 5-year-old is now back to school. It’s been a tiring and frustrating couple of weeks torn away from my work and shopping – I’ve been trying to entertain rather than do website work, photographing products and compiling online listings. He has been very patient but I wasn’t a very fun mum.

The five-year-old has taken to playing table sales/boot sales/jumble sales – I wonder where he got that from? He creates little Lego ‘vases’, puts them all on display on a table and then sits behind the table ready to sell them. They’re quite expensive!

He’s also taken to Sellotape. Obsessed with the stuff. Oh, and bubble wrap – he insists on cutting it up and destroying it. And drawing on my hoard of cardboard boxes for my parcels. And playing with permanent marker.

Kids certainly learn from their parents and surroundings! Thank god he’s back at school now and I can get back to what I do best!


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